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About Me

My name is Kait E. Gollmer, otherwise known as Kait E. I'm an artist based in Utah.

I began my career as a freelance illustrator and commission artist, doing mostly small jobs for friends of friends and the odd client who found me online.


I always loved writing as a child and teen, so in my early twenties I self published a superhero novel under the title The Reviled. It was not available long however as I realized the story needed far more work to be ready for readers. After many years away from this story, I am currently adapting my novel into a graphic novel under the current title Death's Soldiers.


I studied animation and film at the University of Utah before taking time off from school to focus on motherhood and my own personal projects. Since then I have worked on refining my style and technique as well as developing story ideas for future projects.


My animated film, Compulsion (2018), a personal essay about my feelings on my recent OCD diagnosis, was shown at the Fall 2018 F&MAD Film Festival and was also included in the Fall 2018 Dean’s Tour, both for the University of Utah. Much of my work is a mix of fantastical elements and dealing with trauma through art and color.

I look forward to showcasing my over decade-worth of work here and in person.

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